Founded in 1992, Specialized Engineering provides engineering consulting services/special inspections for projects in DC, Deleware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia for public and private sector clients in the areas of:

  • Geotechnical and Forensic Engineering
  • Construction Materials Testing & Inspections
  • Laboratory Testing & Analysis
  • Construction Management & Inspection
  • Environmental Consulting

We routinely provide these services from initial site selection to project design through construction.

Now in our 27th year of service, we offer clients the stability and integrity necessary to successfully complete a project by providing the engineering and management expertise to perform quality services on-time and within budget.

Our current staff consists of over 95 engineers, geologists, scientists, along with field and laboratory technicians, construction managers, and construction inspectors who hold an average length of industry service of over 15 years who understand the complexities and intricacies of a multitude of project types allowing us to manage our services in the most efficient manner possible. Our field and laboratory personnel throughout the company currently hold appropriate certifications and registrations to perform testing and inspection services, in addition to being trained, equipped with calibrated test and measurement equipment, and cross trained in technical disciplines.

Our laboratories are located in Frederick, MD; and Baltimore, MD.

Our computerized, real-time reporting system allows us to tailor our forms and to meet client requirements while providing a central location for project documentation. This capability continues to serve our clients well by maintaining a high level of communcation between our staff and clients.

Our systems and procedures are driven by experience gained in the field along with our technical personnel who operate under the direct supervision of licensed professionals in their related disciplines (i.e. Professional Engineers, Professional Geologists). Our professional opinions are prepared by these licensed professionals in their respective areas of expertise.