Intercounty Connector (ICC) Contract C


The Maryland Intercounty Connector (ICC) Project will link existing and proposed development areas between the I‐270/I‐
370 and I‐95/US 1 corridors within central and eastern Montgomery County and northwestern Prince George’s County with a state‐of‐the‐art, multi‐modal east‐west highway that limits access and accommodates the movement of passengers and goods. The project is divided into five contracts: A, B, C, D, and E. Contracts D and E have not begun and are on hold. Contracts A, B, and C are in full swing and slated to complete in late 2011.


Specialized Engineering is responsible for providing material clearance per Maryland State Highway Administration (MDSHA) procedures and project documents to verify conformance of materials incorporated into the project, which include Erosion & Sedimentation (E&S) and water quality structure materials.

Additional responsibilities of Specialized Engineering for Contract B are the supervision of field testing and inspection activities, construction of the E&S and water quality structure, and performance of the following field/laboratory tests and inspections: Performance of cross‐hole sonic logging (CSL) on caissons; inspection of drilled caissons; testing of subgrade materials; performance of pile dynamic analysis (PDA) of piles; WEAP and CAPWAP analysis of piles; cast‐in‐place concrete sampling and testing, structural steel welded and bolted connections inspections and non‐destructive testing; precast concrete panel connections inspections; and HMA sampling and testing. Fabrication shop and plant inspections were performed for concrete and aggregate, structural steel, precast concrete, and HMA.

Specialized Engineering is conducting laboratory testing and analysis of proposed fill/backfill/aggregate materials, concrete cylinders, hot‐mix asphalt and liquid asphalt per project document, MdTA, and MD SHA requirements.

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