D.C. Department of Employment Services


The DC Department of Employment Services (DOES) project is a brand new, 300,000SF structure completed within a 26 month construction schedule. The project included five-stories above grade for office space and 1.5 stories below grade dedicated to underground parking. The building was constructed with a steel and cast-in-place concrete frame and precast concrete panels.


Specialized Engineering was responsible for Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Services consisting of monitoring and documenting contractor activities and installation methods to ensure the project was being constructed according to project documents, DC regulations, and the approved quality control program. Additionally, observation and verification were provided during the installation of rapid impact aggregate pier deep foundation system. Material Testing and Special Inspection Services provided on the following materials during each phase of construction:

  • Structural Fill
  • Utility Backfill
  • Concrete Reinforcement
  • Cast-In-Place Concrete
  • Floor Flatness/Floor Levelness
  • Structural Masonry (Mortar/Grout)
  • Structural Steel Bolted and Welded Connections
  • Waterproofing Roofing

Specialized Engineering conducted laboratory testing and analysis of proposed fill/backfill/aggregate materials, and concrete cylinders, and structural mortar and grout. Additionally, verification of material quality in the firm’s AASHTO-accredited laboratories as per the project’s quality control program. Wish to learn more about our involvement with this project? Please contact us at 800-773-3808.