City of Brunswick Wastewater Treatment Plant


The City of Brunswick Wastewater Treatment Plant project consisted of upgrading the existing 0.7-mgd wastewater treatment plant with an extended aeration plant to a 1.4-mgd enhanced nutrient removal plant. Included in the overall project was the installation of new pumps with variable frequency drives, remodel of lab and chemical feed areas and the creation of an expanded lab, office/locker room area. Additionally, the overall upgrades included the construction of a new three-basin sequencing bath reactor system and a new filter building that contains a mechanical screening system, grit removal system, chemical feed systems, and flow equalization.


Specialized Engineering was responsible for Subsurface Investigation to determine the conditions of the site prior to excavation of materials, and monitoring Construction Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) during the phases of construction.

Specialized Engineering provided the monitoring and completed documentation of the installation of the designed foundation improvement system (GEO-PIERS).

Testing and Inspection Services provided by Specialized Engineering included the following:

  • Structural Backfill/Fill
  • Reinforcing Steel
  • Structural Steel
  • Formwork
  • Concrete Pre-Placement
  • Cast-In-Place Concrete
  • Fireproofing

Specialized Engineering conducted laboratory testing and analysis of proposed fill materials, testing of concrete cylinders, and soil sampling. Wish to learn more about our involvement with this project? Please contact us at 800-773-3808.