Specialized Engineering offers a full range of environmental consulting services and is capable of providing turnkey environmental expertise to a variety of public and private sector clients. A group of highly trained professional personnel, familiar with today’s ever-changing environmental market, supports each of the services listed below.


  • Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint Surveys, including the Maryland Lead Risk Reduction Program
  • NVLAP accredited laboratory testing
  • Visual, XRF, Wipes, Chips, Bulk and Soil tests
  • Environmental Site Assessments (Phase 1 & 2) and Remedial Activities
  • Karst and Sinkhole Assessments and Surveys
  • Package Sewer Plant Drip-Field Soil Studies and Plant Certification Inspections
  • Brownfields Studies and VCP Initiation and Monitoring
  • Underground and Above-Ground Storage Tank Studies, including the Virginia Petroleum Storage Tank Fund (VPSTF)
  • Wetland Delineations, Wet Soil Surveys, Floodplain Soil Surveys
  • Mold Surveys


  • Karst and Sinkhole Assessments and Surveys
  • Stormwater Management Plans and Permits (Karst Specialty)
  • Geological Hazard Evaluation and Land Judging
  • Electrical Resistivity Surveys
  • Vibration Analysis